Marketing Research

Loudmouth Marketing offers marketing research services that will help you to get information to develop successful new products or to raise awareness of your brand, reducing advertising campaign costs to the minimum.


research sales methods and techniques, and pricing strategies research


determination of the market scope and structure, market characteristics, dynamics and development trends


competitive environment analysis, market share, advantages and disadvantages of competing products, and the competitors’ image


research of the advertising campaign effectiveness, selection of effective advertising channels, and determination of the target market audience

BTL and Event activities

One of the advantages of BTL advertising is that it is aimed at a particular consumer; this distinguishes BTL from media advertising that is aimed at a broad group of potential consumers of products or services. Promotions can take place at the sales location as well as other places where it is possible to convey information to a large number of potential customers, to convince them to make a purchase here and now, to buy a product or to receive a service at a given place and time or to visit the current event. Promotions allow more opportunities than other means of advertising, such as to give the consumer a product, to induce them to touch it, try it, and then to buy it. Promotions significantly improve consumers’ opinions about a product, service or company. Conducting promotions quickly produces an effect that operates both during the promotional campaign and also after the campaign is over.


Sampling is very effective and it helps to increase sales volumes, to renew interest in a brand, to prevent consumer attention from switching to another competing product, and to inform consumers about changes to your product.

Distribution of leaflets and booklets



Product consulting


Сontests, sweepstakes & lotteries

Work at exhibitions and conferences

Promotional shows and event activities

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